Testimonials from the Soul

Laura Burke

Laura burke

There were so many takeaways from my relationship coaching with Carol, but by far, the biggest for me was the impact of implementing the weekly sit-down meeting. It’s not easy to juggle crazy work schedules, running a business, kids, dogs, intimacy, alone time, family time, food, bills, the list goes on! The idea to introduce a weekly business-esque meeting spoke to us both immediately. Just like a business team meeting, we have set agenda points and an opportunity to reflect on the previous week.

My partner and I plan, organize, and map out what’s happening in our family and personal life, week by week. It helps eliminate confusion, assumptions, and guesswork and limits the number of surprises; we know what’s happening and when. It gives us the oversight we needed and helps us set boundaries and say no to too many things to protect our family and relationship.

It’s improved our communication and organization and helped us align on so many aspects of our married life; in honesty, it’s transformed our relationship. We look forward to spending this time together each week to get ourselves organized and heads in the game for the coming week. Thanks, Carol, for everything you taught us!

Laura Burke

Sandra Wilson | Vedic Lifestyle guide and Writer

Sandra wilson | vedic lifestyle guide and writer

Carol is real and dares to take you a layer deeper into your soul work. She made me realize that my goals are very achievable. As a mom and entrepreneur who tends to put too much on her plate, She helped me break my numbers down and realize my money goals are within reach. And guess what? By doing less!

Deep limiting beliefs that I have gathered throughout my life came up. With her support, I was able to face these beliefs and start to take the steps to let them go. Seeing Carol’s work is connected to spirit, things started flowing instantly. With messages popping up everywhere around me to enforce this new mindset and lifestyle.
I look forward to working with Carol further.

Testimonial Lisa

Toen ik samen met Carol aan het werk ging was mijn insteek in eerste instantie om steviger in mijn schoenen te staan in mijn persoonlijke leven, voornamelijk zelfvertrouwen voelen in relatie tot anderen.

Al snel merkte ik dat het veel dieper en verder ging dan alleen mijn persoonlijke leven, ook mijn werkstijl veranderden, de manier hoe ik naar mijn werk kijk en nog veel belangrijker de relatie met mezelf.

Mijn leven is totaal veranderd, ik heb afscheid genomen van relaties die me niet voeden, ik ben een andere richting ingegaan met mijn werk, waar ik enorm in ben gegroeid en het allerbelangrijkste: ik heb de relatie met mezelf veranderd.

Ik vul mijn leven in rondom mijzelf in plaats dat ik mijzelf door het leven wurm. Carol heeft me veel inzichten en tools aangereikt en dit verankerd met de mooiste oliën.

Ik wil niet meer zonder de helende kracht van de olie blends die voor elke situatie en klacht ingezet kunnen worden. Ik ben dankbaar voor Carol en ons werk samen.

Testimonial Sheira

Dankbaar en trots ben ik! Dankbaar voor Carol die ik al jaren ken vanuit de periode dat zij in Almere een studio had en waarmee het contact de laatste jaren minder was maar ze nog altijd in mijn gedachten was.

Dus toen Lisa wat hulp en coaching nodig had waarmee ik haar niet kon helpen dacht ik aan Carol. En Carol en Lisa zijn een perfecte match! Ik ben trots op Lisa, na 6 maanden coachen door Carol heeft ze enorme stappen gemaakt! Zowel op haar werk als in haar persoonlijke ontwikkeling.

Voor mij was zij al een bijzonder kind met vele talenten en een sterk karakter en nu door de coaching van Carol is dat ook voor haarzelf duidelijk geworden en staat ze krachtig en zelfverzekerd in het leven, durft zich uit te spreken, grenzen aan te geven en volledig zichzelf te zijn.

Bizar mooi om te zien! Dus een trotse moeder die dankbaar is dat Carol dit bij Lisa naar boven heeft weten te halen op een manier die past bij Lisa, met diepe gesprekken, veel gelach en de nodige gekkigheid om te kunnen relativeren. Carol en Lisa, jullie zijn beiden TOP

A Journey of Transformation

A journey of transformation

For a few months now, I have been engaged in a coaching program with Carol. And wow, what a transformation I have already undergone in such a short time. Carol is a lovely woman with whom I immediately felt at ease, so I could completely open up to her. She senses what I need and responds to my desires. Through exercises, constellations, and reflection, I continue to make progress in my personal journey.

Last week, I had a wonderful craniosacral treatment with Carol. After an intense day, I went to her home where I always receive a warm welcome. We did a beautiful meditation, and then I lay down on the treatment table. What a relief it was. The peace I experienced was delightful. Carol always makes me feel like it’s truly “my” moment, filled with self-love. I went to bed early that evening and woke up the next day feeling reborn. Thank you, Carol, for everything!

Cherilyn van der Voort- Cosmo Hairstyling Owner Voorburg and Leiden

Cherilyn van de Voort

Marieke van Dijk


Carol and her husband, are an exceptional source of inspiration. Their journey together exemplifies the essence of personal growth and is a great example of what is possible.

Carol has the ability to provide invaluable support and guidance, even if you have yet to consider therapy as a necessity.

Her private sessions offer a safe haven, where you can freely express yourself without fear of judgment.

Through her unique approach, Carol empowers individuals to find profound happiness within their relationships. With a touch of humor that is uniquely hers, she helps you tap into your inner strength, teaching life strategies and sharing practical wisdom.

Carol’s exceptional talent lies in her ability to hold you accountable, providing both information and the motivation to act upon it.

I wholeheartedly endorse Carol and her husband as a source of inspiration. If you are seeking personal growth, happiness, and profound fulfillment.

Marieke van Dijk

Owner and Founder Kairos Consultancy

Clarity Call: How can I Help?

One of my superpowers is coaching and mentoring women. Our focus will be on relationships but first, yourself.  After our call I promise, you will feel better than you do right now.

We’ll make sure you get clear on your desire, the tools and the confidence you need to take your next step, whatever that might be. Trust me, you always have more options than you think.

In order to help you properly and to see if coaching is the right option for you, I’d like to ask you to answer the questions below. As soon as you’ve completed the questions, you’ll have access to my calendar where you can book a 1: 1 call with me.

I look forward to speaking to you!

xx Carol


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