Love During Lockdown: Keys To Keeping The Spark Alive

I don’t think I have to tell you that the lockdown situation is beginning to get to us all. Especially those of us in close quarters with our nearest and dearest! Google shows spikes in the search for “divorce coronavirus” in April and May. The media has reported that...

Life After The Pandemic: Self-Care Tips For Anxiety

The world has changed, and no one denies that. Over the past few months, we’ve had to adapt to a new normal, and this hasn’t been easy, with some people forgetting the importance of self-care practices.  We’ve all adapted to life inside, with some of...

Soul Essentials: The Journey to Today.

An inspirational journey always begins with a story, and my Soul Essentials story starts with what could be considered one of the most dramatic on earth… Is Age Just a Number? A year ago, I turned 60. A lot of people see this age milestone as a traumatic thing....

5 Powerful Relationship Tools That Will Help You Rekindle Your Love

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