An inspirational journey always begins with a story, and my Soul Essentials story starts with what could be considered one of the most dramatic on earth…

Is Age Just a Number?

A year ago, I turned 60.

A lot of people see this age milestone as a traumatic thing. Oh my GOD! I’m getting old, it’s the beginning of the end!

I didn’t see it like this.

For me, 60 was a chance to take hold of my life, and make some big changes to my business, and take it to the next level. Progressing from what was holding me back to making Soul Essentials even bigger and better than ever. I had a business rooted in my beliefs already, so as I always say –

 If not now, then WHEN?

The Beginning

My evolution as a coach began back when I was a personal trainer and fitness instructor. I realized that it’s not just a healthy body that takes us to wellness but a holistic approach that embraces not only the physical but also the mental, spiritual, and emotional side of life.


Balance is key to personal development, which is why I started studying yoga and cranial sacral therapy. I focused on my mental and emotional development and continually educating myself. I was committed to learning as much as I could about how I could balance my own life, and in return, pass this knowledge to my clients so that they could also embrace a more balanced approach to their lives.

THIS is when I knew that my future was 100% as a Holistic Therapist and Coach.

New Horizons

Essential oils were something I’d always used in massage therapy, but it was more for the smell than anything else. It took a friend introducing me to the fact that they were so much more than just a fragrance to open my eyes to new horizons and see the future for me.

Discovering the therapeutic value of quality essential oils and experiencing the effect they had on my very own health was a crucial moment in time that stands out. The oils worked! And I was driven to learn more about how I could integrate them into my own life.

And then, at that very moment, a light bulb went off.

I needed to share this with my coaching clients.

A Holistic Coach

A holistic lifestyle means taking care of all parts of an individual. I firmly believe in living what I teach, so for me, I use essential oils daily in my routines. I invest in myself as a person, but also in my skills as a coach.
In my daily life, I also use the techniques I teach.

  • I journal and read books, or their audio counterparts to keep my mind sharp.
  • I do yoga, dance, cycle and take walks with my husband for my physical health.
  • I use pure, high-quality essential oils every day for the health benefits.
  • I get clarity through meditation, affirmations and vision boards.

And of course, I believe that essential oils are a perfect addition to a healthy lifestyle, supporting you and your family across all levels.

Where To From Here?

I like to think of this rebranding of Soul Essentials as a new part of my already existing and amazing journey to holistic coaching.

I want to empower women to live their dreams and pursue their passion. This includes making critical and important changes in their lives.

I want my legacy to leave an imprint in the lives of the people I work with and help them be the best they can be. And in turn, nourishing their whole selves.

I’m living my authentic self, and I believe your journey to your authenticity could start with a clarity call with me. Why not take your first steps with me?

It’s no risk and I guarantee this free consult will get your brain thinking about your own journey. Let’s work out a holistic approach together.