Family Constellations

Family Constellations is a powerful method, designed to help reveal the hidden dynamics of your origins, family or relationship, uncover the stresses and hidden patterns and heal them.

We start with looking at your family history, reviewing the last few generations and diving deep into the origins of your family. From there, we look at patterns, and what events have made an impact on your family, and look for repetition and family loyalties.

We use a wonderful online program so you can do it at home behind your own computer. It’s about gaining insight as only when we bring things into our awareness, we can begin to understand how it affects us. We can then evaluate these learnings to create new ways to change patterns and rituals, and help you find peace with the past.

Common questions I encounter are things about relationship breakdowns, divorce manoeuvres, child behaviour issues, and a loss of passion.

Together we work out how you can deal with this. Remember, no one is to blame, and everyone takes responsibility.

  • Reserve 3 time slots for this work.
  • One Discovery Session 45 minutes
  • Email homework
  • Session 1.5hours
  • Follow-up with 2 weeks 45 minutes
  • 297$

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