Family Constellations

Family Constellations are a powerful method, designed to help reveal the hidden dynamics of your origins, family or relationships, uncover the stressors and hidden patterns and heal them.

We start with looking at your family history, reviewing the last few generations, and diving deep into the origins of your family. From there, we search for patterns, and what events have made an impact on your family, and look for repetition and family loyalties.

We use a wonderful online program, so you can do it at home behind your computer, or you can participate in live events in The Netherlands.

A Family Constellation is about gaining insight. It is only when we bring things into our awareness, that we can begin to understand how it affects us. We can then evaluate these learnings to create new ways to change patterns and rituals, and help you find peace with the past.

Common questions I encounter are:
Why do I keep picking the wrong partner?
Why can’t I get my business off the ground?
Where has the passion gone in my marriage?
How can I stop feeling so overwhelmed?
How can I get unstuck and choose myself?
Why am I so tired all the time?

I feel your frustration darling but don’t worry, a family constellation is one of the best methods I have ever experienced that will quickly help move you towards healing, success, and joy. 

    Family constellations

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