New Year, New Look: Inside the Soul Essentials Rebrand

Jan 7, 2020 | Business | 0 comments

It’s been a while since we last spoke, hasn’t it? So much has happened, and I’m so excited to share this part of my journey with you! Introducing the new-look Soul Essentials, and a look into the rebrand.

My Journey

Last year, I made a decision to let go of the feeling I had to do everything on my own and to ask for help. Letting someone else take the reins and look after my business, the brand I had worked on for many years, was a big step. I found the team at iGina Marketing and made the decision that needed to be made – to refresh my brand and take it to new and exciting places.

It has been an interesting lesson for me as well – I had to let go and let other people take the reins, and so I can focus on my skills. Coaching and teaching are my passion, and I found I was drawing on my own experience here! I didn’t realize how long and intricate the process was, so it was a refresher for me – to let it all go and have some fun!

Brand New Look and Feel

So what’s new around here? My logo has had a refresh and brings in so many of my favorite things – a modern, simple look and beautifully warm, coppery tones. It’s stylish and feels like a quality mark on everything I do.

Speaking of coppery tones, I LOVE how we’ve brought in so much warmth with this color scheme. This color scheme feels so inviting and gives you a big, warm hug (Like me!).

Vision of The Future

What’s important to me though, is clarifying my mission and vision as a coach. To me, making sure my clients are empowered and ready to take action in their own lives is crucial as a coach. This is why I want to empower women not to be afraid and put themselves first, to take on the world, but not be afraid to ask for help. (See, I live my values here!)

My new mission is this:

Empower women to love the skin they’re in, find humor amid chaos, and transform their lives into the extraordinary.

This gives me so much joy! I want to enrich your life and help you find clarity in the chaos, and most importantly, help you learn to love yourself.

And my values. These are just such a deep-rooted and vital part of my holistic approach. With me, you will always find a judgment-free zone, where you are free to be yourself. Together we will harness your strengths and femininity, and your power. And lastly, I will always encourage you to practice self-care, and learn to love yourself for the amazing person you already are, and the empowered, enriched woman you are about to become.

Your physical and your mental wellness are always the priority in our sessions. I want you to know that whilst the outside of the brand has changed, this fundamental part of me hasn’t changed. Soul Essentials might have a new look, but I haven’t changed. Think of it as a New Year makeover!

A Fresh, New Website

The last piece in the puzzle was freshening up my website with all these fantastic new pieces! It’s a great way to see all the things I’ve been talking about. It’s clean, modern and has the warmth of my new colour scheme. I love the way it’s so easy to find what you’re looking for as well. Make sure you bookmark it, and check back on all my news and blog posts. I’ve put together this video for you to take a visual tour of the website, in the comfort of your own chair!

Curious about the new brand, and how we can work together? Why not book that free clarity session and let’s talk about your new year makeover. Together, we can achieve amazing things, so make the first step into 2020 one that empowers you.

I'm Carol

We help women feel amazing by detoxing their body, mind and home simply.



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