My mission is to empower women. Aside from helping my clients have more fun and joy in their relationships, I also inspire and teach financial independence.

I have learned how important it is to talk about money in a relationship, be honest and transparent, especially when it’s about your financial future. This means NO secrets unless we are talking about a birthday present!

So. Even if you earn a lot of money which buys you freedom and independence, I still believe it’s important to discuss finances with your partner.

And still, so many of us hesitate to discuss money. Perhaps it’s because you haven’t learned how to do so. I was raised to believe my future husband would take care of us financially. My father even made me stop school when I turned 16…… education for a girl was unnecessary. My future consisted of becoming a wife, mother, or missionary. I used to hide or throw away receipts in my first marriage, so my ex didn’t see them. At the beginning of my relationship with Ronald, I made financial decisions without telling him. Quite honestly, I was insecure, which is the opposite of feeling empowered.

Financial stress is one of the main reasons for divorce.

Ladies, I’m not saying we need to ASK permission to spend money or account for every cent we consume, especially if we are earning ourselves. What I am saying is, learn to use each other as sparring partners. Ask their opinion, let them know what and why you want to invest money in yet another course, or hire a VA for your business. I’m NOT talking about buying yet another pair of red shoes!

In the end, YOU make the decision, and while doing so, you make your partner part of the process.

An empowered woman makes her own decision out of strength and conviction. An empowered woman takes ownership of her choices, and she can be honest and open with her partner. This is ESSENTIAL!

Each of us is unique and brings different skills, abilities, financial means, and desires into our relationships.

It’s important to know if you are on the same page financially speaking. Can you discuss finances in a fun, clear, and relaxed way?

If so, you’re lucky, or you’ve done the work. BRAVO!

If not, you can learn.

During my coaching program, I teach fun, practical tips and strategies for having a happier marriage and becoming financially independent!

I want you to be happy and stay happy!

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How important is financial security to you?
  • How do you like to spend money?
  • How do you and your partner manage your finances?
  • What are your financial long term goals as a couple?
  • How much do you contribute financially to your relationship?
  • What are your feelings about money?


  • Communicate your needs and expectation to one another in a weekly ‘business’ marriage meeting.
  • Do a quarterly financial review and to certain you’re on track with your set goals.
  • Track your expenses. We use an app for that. This gives immediate insight into our savings and spending patterns which we can talk about in our meeting.
  • Discuss investments or big purchases and decide on jointly. In a perfect world, both have to agree or agree to disagree.
  • Identify saving goals together. Do you want to put money aside each month? Decide on the portion of each of your incomes that goes into a savings depot.
  • Come up with a financial plan that makes you both excited.


  • Budget money to invest in your relationship. That is what really matters, and it will be so worth it!