Trust in your own wisdom and make your own prices.

Does your industry have massive money blocks like yoga teachers or alternative healing professions? Know this…You could be basing your potential income on collective insecurities.

Make your own prices

I have personally worked with yoga teachers who have spent years of their lives, money, and countless hours following around some guru or another only to be BRAINwashed into servitude to others and taught that money wasn’t important.  Meanwhile, some of these better-known Netflix gurus had homes and garages full of Bentleys all over the world!

Don’t base your net worth on somebody else’s self-worth.

Trust in your own wisdom and set your own prices.

Just pick a number and try it out. What you charge is entirely personal and there is no black-and-white answer to this. There is no right or wrong.

Stop comparing your prices to somebody else’s! 
Just pick a number and try it out. 
You’re always allowed to change your mind and so go crazy.
You’ll find your goldilocks sweet spot.

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Carol Williams