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Because You Deserve More

Life Coach & Business Mentor for working moms and women in transition

I’m here to empower you to see yourself differently, build new healthy habits and routines that will guide you to the future you deserve with balance and joy.

About Soul Essentials

and Carol Williams

I’m Carol Williams, author, wellness entrepreneur and essential oil enthusiast with over 35 years experience in health, yoga, life coaching, and essential oils.

Are you feeling lost, stuck or just down-right blocked by life? Feel like there’s a bigger purpose calling you, but have no idea what, or where to start?

I’m going to help you navigate through some of life’s most challenging phases and take a hold of the future that’s waiting for you.



Are you struggling with becoming a mom for the first time?



Are you struggling with seeing your children leave home?



Are you struggling with losing your parents?



Are you struggling with your relationship with yourself, significant other, family and friends?



Do you struggle with navagating the work/life balance of your own business?

Imagine the possibilities if you could…

  • Reach out for your dreams, without the fear of judgment or failing.
  • Stop finding reasons and excuses to just ACT.
  • Find balance and harmony in all aspects of your life.
  • Stop comparing your life and your journey with others.
  • Find the time to heal yourself.

Work with me…

My methodology is simple, proven, and loved.

Coaching + Essential oils + Empowerment = Holistic, happy living and newly awakened futures.

My Programs

My coaching programs are designed around you because no 2 journeys are the same.

Soul Survivor - 3-month life coaching program

Bespoke to fit around you, choose from structured coaching or our flexible by the hour approach. The 3-month soul survivor program aims to get you unstuck, discover your strengths and get you on the right path for happiness, balance and self-care.

Essential Life Maintenance

Flexible mentoring for women who have completed the 3-month soul survivor program.  Buy a bundle of hours and use them when you need them. Check-in, check-up and grow. Essential mentoring when you need it  because you don’t need to face it alone, we all need a helping hand and the reassurance of knowing someone is there.

Family Constellations

Family Constellations is a powerful method, designed to help reveal the hidden dynamics of your origins, family or relationship, uncover the stresses and hidden patterns and heal them.

Women in Motion

For women who just need a helping hand, going through a transitional phase in life or presented by sudden emotions or life changes? Let’s talk, women in motion is designed to help you navigate your way through.

Discovery call - Free Consult Call

If you’re curious or wondering if coaching is for you, book a free 30-minute consult and discover if Soul Essentials can help you on your journey.

Essential skills for life - Free mini online coaching course

Sign up to our free mini course and receive 7 days worth of essential skills for life straight to your mailbox every morning.

Everyday Wellness

Our online free wellness course, teaches you the benefits of essential oils and how incorporating these into everyday life can transform your wellness. Our 7-day course will guide you through the benefits and history of essential oils, how to use them safely, all while avoiding the most common mistakes that even Google can’t save you from!

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