How do I love thee?
Let me count the ways!

Couples who have been together for any length of time are highly likely to start taking each other for granted. This is especially true if one or both are career-oriented, have children, or in the middle of any number of life stages and transitions.

It’s (lazy) to assume our partner knows how we feel about them or why we love them, and it’s so (easy) to give what each other needs and, frankly, what we signed up for when we said YES, I DO! I want to be with you forever! We didn’t just say ‘until one of us is over it,’ right???

Here’s a little personal story and inspiration to help YOU bring back the spark and joy into your relationship. These simple rituals and strategies will positively affect other aspects of your lives, emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially.

As soon as we wake up, we always greet each other affectionately with a kiss or a cuddle. Not every day, but often, when we know the other is awake, one of us will stretch out or sit up and randomly shout, “It’s going to be a great day!” and the other must follow suit. It’s an agreement we’ve made ahead of time. We also have a smile or laugh, and off we go.

After work or if we haven’t had contact for a few hours, at the very least, we always try to at least acknowledge each other’s presence and catch up with each other’s day. One thing I have learned and also appreciate is to always check that Carol can be fully present or maybe needs to finish up a project before really connecting or talking about the day.

It is easy to show your love to your partner. It is about those little, everyday things, the good morning, goodnight, kisses, hugs, holding each other’s hands, giving sincere attention to each other, or sending a sweet text message. These actions make your partner feel loved and appreciated. Get into the habit of using actual words that kind and uplifting. Look at your partner when you do. It’s a game-changer.