Having a business, relationship, kids, dogs, parents…ARGHH! It can be hard, right?

Do you sometimes feel alone even though you have a great partner? Are you just accepting your fate, but hoping for better times?

From the moment you wake up, it’s the race against the clock. The kids need to get dressed, breakfast needs to be made, lunchboxes, the dog needs to go out….oh and you need to take a shower, and put on something decent for your first online meeting at 8.45. The clock hits 9 and you already feel like you’ve run a marathon, and the day has just begun. Did you say you have a husband??? When did you say you’d see each other again?

Hollistic coach carol williams

It’s time to have fun and manifest a more empowered and happier YOU!

  • Do you crave to have an amazing business
  • you also want to feel great, the best mom ever, an inspiration for others!
  • more intimacy, better communication, more trust, and joy in your relationships!

Is this you?

  • Tired of feeling tired?
  • Lacking spontaneity or adventure? How about Sex? What’s that you say?
  • Feeling guilty or not good enough on ANY level?
  • Do you dread talking about finances with your partner?
  • Are you still unsure what you are worth and can charge for your services?
  • Ever wonder if your marriage will even survive your business? Or vice versa?

Not exactly what you imagined your dream life and business would be like – is it?

Well, I feel ya, honey!

Courageous confidence

How would it feel if…

  • You could experience more intimacy, better communication, more trust and joy in your marriage
  • You make MORE than enough money every month
  • You are the best mom ever that your children look up to
  • You can run an amazing business with calm yet vibrant energy
  • You have time left to do fun activities with your friends
  • You felt on top of the world, strong, inspired, proud, and even happier


The Soul Inspired Courageous Confidence Course will help you do just that!

I’m here to help you realise your worth so that you can build your dream life


live with more passion, joy, and trust.

Ready for the first step?

This 8-week program is designed to help you up level your business and relationship at a profoundly personal level so that you feel stronger, courageous, and unstoppable to make your dreams come true.

At the end of this 8 week one-on-one you will:

  • Be excited, feel supported, and so ready to take the next step.
  • Have the clarity and tools which can transform your relationship with your partner, business.
  • Find it perfectly logical to set and enforce better boundaries with clients, family, and friends.
  • Have your list of no-mores.
  • Save time, money, and have more energy to make your dreams come true.
  • Have a clearer vision for your next best business move, and ready to take inspired action.
  • Feel freer and more relaxed to reach your goals without the mommy guilt and overwhelm.
  • Be confident and clear as to why you are worth higher fees.


Hollistic coach carol williams will help you with the mompreneur mindset

The Soul Inspired Courageous Confidence Program is an investment for life!

Contact me today to see how this transformational

private program can benefit you and the ones you love.

Carol is real and dares to take you a layer deeper into your soul work. She made me realize that my goals are very achievable. As a mom and entrepreneur who tends to put too much on her plate, She helped me break my numbers down and realize my money goals are within reach. And guess what? By doing less!
Deep limiting beliefs that I have gathered through out my life came up. With her support I was able to face these beliefs and start to take the steps to let them go. Seeing Carol’s work is connected to spirit things started flowing instantly. With messages popping up everywhere around me to enforce this new mindset and lifestyle.
I look forward to working with Carol further!

Sandra Wilson
Owner, Yoga Lifestyle guide and Writer

What a super energetic and accessible train this was, with a lot of space for yourself. The part “Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze” made me really go out of my comfort zone. It’s nice that we work in small groups, this makes it easier to give yourself completely and you can’t hide! Nice open and clear questions. Carol gives the training in a relaxed manner and with a lot of humor. This training has resulted in me feeling even more valuable and daring to charge higher amounts for my coaching with horses and have a better understanding of my priorities.

Jannette Eggers
Wellness Advocate and Horse Coach

I will never forget my first meeting with Carol. I immediately fell in love with this warm-hearted, uncomplicated, “American girl”. I can still remember her last words she said when we left “….. and she will fly”. Now a few years later, I’m still not where I would like to be, I’m stuck in my own limitations, in old patterns and in a self-image that no longer serves me. Especially your own worth, the image of what you have of yourself prevents you from growing further.

At that very moment, the Money Mindset Mastery course cameby. I didn’t have to think about it for a second and immediately said yes, because I knew that it would definitely take me a step further. And so it did!! Not only did we have a lot of fun together, the exercises she did with us were also such that you can continue doing them on your own, questions that you can ask yourself over and over again, depending on where you are at the moment. If you want to grow, you need a destination, or a direction. With Carol it became easy and I could feel that there is so much more in me than I allow myself to be. A huge thank you, dear Carol, for this course, which showed me how valuable I am, that it is important to show yourself with all my gifts and to carry them out into the world because no one else will do it.

Cornelia Manderscheid

Last week I followed the Money Mindset Mastery with Carol and oh la la… this is something you should try too! Carol uncovers the money blocks most of us suffer from. Working with your limiting beliefs is so powerful! What hits me the most was the exercise I Am Awesome, cause it really makes a difference in mastering your money mindset. If you are having trouble mastering your money mindset you should really give it a try and expect a breakthrough! Thank you so much Carol!
Ingrid Prent
De gezonderie

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