Do Opposites Attract or Attack?

Deze blog gaat over tegenpolen en jullie verschillen als partners. Iedereen kent de Amerikaanse uitdrukking “Opposites Attract”, maar heb je ook gehoord dat “Opposites Attack”?
Elke relatie loopt hier tegenaan. Lees hier mijn oplossingen, wordt happier en verbeter je relatie.

Bindingsangst of Verlatingsangst? Realiseer extra Levensgeluk!

Wat is je hechtingsstijl? Versterk je relaties en je levensgeluk? In deze blog geef ik je belangrijke inzichten over verbindingsangst en verlatingsangst. Iedereen heeft behoefte aan geven en ontvangen van liefde, maar het realiseren daarvan is voor de ene persoon...

Prevention is Better than Cure

Prevention is better than cure. In other words, it’s easier to stop something happening in the first place than to repair the damage after it has happened. In a partnership, having more fun, quality time, and feeling gratitude is essential! Covid-19 has changed...

Marriage and Money

My mission is to empower women. Aside from helping my clients have more fun and joy in their relationships, I also inspire and teach financial independence. I have learned how important it is to talk about money in a relationship, be honest and transparent, especially...

7 Unfortunate Ways Women Cause Unnecessary Stress

You know what really gets to me? When I meet yet another woman who is struggling with herself because of too much stress. It becomes even worse when this woman has been carrying this burden of stress around too long and causes a burnout or adrenal exhaustion. There are tons of reasons why this can happen to someone. What gets me the most though is when I see…

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