About Carol

In short, I help busy professional women transform their business and relationships into ones that makes them come alive. One that’s inspiring, exciting, supportive, and makes you feel unbelievably proud. ✨

I never expected to become a relationship “expert.” Truthfully, like many of my clients I used to think I was a hot mess when it came to love. 

I’ve pretty much experienced ALL ups and downs, so trust me when I say: you’re not alone.

It wasn’t until much later in life, and after lots of experience and professional training that I started to understand why some relationships go sour while others grow stronger over time.

Whether you’re looking to restore a damaged relationship or want to work on it before problems start (or become too serious), I’m here to help.

Want to know more about my personal history? You can find that here.

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Relationship life coaching for women

Who I Help

One of the most painful things in life is when you start to feel alone in your relationship or made to feel like your life work, your passion, is just a hobby.

Your needs are not being met and the connection you once shared and long for, seems to have disappeared overnight…

My mission is to help women to become financially independent and become courageously confident in all their relationships.

Using a holistic approach, I help women like you rekindle the intimacyjoy, and trust and in their relationships — whichever stage of life you’re in!

I approach coaching differently than you’d expect because I start with YOU. If your relationship is draining you, we start there. You don’t have to wait for your partner to get started. If your priority is your business and the desire to become financially free, we’ll start there.

When you take the lead and develop the mindset, confidence and trust in the future, both your business and relationship will start to transform beyond your wildest dreams. 

The quality of your relationship  determines the quality of your life. You cannot have and maintain an outstanding business for long if your relationship is unhealthy. If your relationship sucks, it’s going to drag you down!

I believe you deserve nothing but the best, and I’d love to show you how to make that a reality.

How To Get Started

Step 1. Kickstart Your Relationship with This Freebie.

These essential practices are a guaranteed way to rekindle and strengthen the intimacy, joy, and fulfillment you feel in your relationship quickly.

Step 2. Book your Free Coaching Session

If you’re feeling stuck, uncertain, or not sure how to move forward, this is for you. You’ll get the clarity, the tools, and the confidence you need to take the next step, whatever that might be.

Step 3. Get The Constellation Cure

A relationship constellation is the most powerful method to very quickly reveal your hidden dynamics and patterns. So that you gain insight into why things go wrong and what your share is in your relationship.

Step 4. 1:1 Platinum Business and Relationship Coaching

My signature 6 month program to help you take your business to the next level, become financially independent and develop the mindset, confidence, and relationship skills (communication, set boundaries, create more trust, intimacy, and JOY to transform your relationship.

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