About Carol

In short, I help busy professional women transform their business and relationships into ones that makes them come alive. One that’s inspiring, exciting, supportive, and makes you feel unbelievably proud. ✨

I never expected to become a Business and Relationship “expert”. Truthfully, like many of my clients I used to think I was a hot mess when it came to business and love.

I’ve pretty much experienced ALL ups and downs, so trust me when I say: you’re not alone.

It wasn’t until much later in life, and after lots of experience and professional training that I started to understand why some entrepreneurs fail and while others succeed greatly over time.

If you are needing more mentoring and support because your relationship is holding you back or suffering because of working so hard on your business we can start there. If you are feeling stressed out and uncertain about how to upscale your business and lacking the confidence to charge what you are worth, we’ll go there…

Want to know more about my personal history? You can find that here.

About soul essentials
Relationship life coaching for women

Who I Help

How your business is functioning can be a direct reflection of how you feel within your relationships. Insecurity’s may stem from past experiences, which now are translated to how you approach certain situations in your business and life.

I help you transform your business into one that’s inspiring, exciting, supportive, and makes you feel unbelievably proud.

I’ve pretty much seen and experienced ALL business challenges, which is why I have a strict judgement-free zone. Helping you to avoid mistakes and offering you over 40 years of experience!

Stop feeling drained by doing activities that are not offering enough in return, and learn how to implement your energy productively.

Like trying to serve everybody and changing your offers to fit everybody’s needs. You will learn how to narrow down and become clear on what you want to give. And this way attracting your ideal client who understands your worth.

I approach business coaching differently than you’d expect because I start with YOU.
By starting with Self-care you will soon experience how that positively translates in all areas of your life.

Let’s be honest, you can’t expect your business to succeed if you are lacking in confidence, communication skills, uninspired if you are feeling mommy guilt or having boundary issues.

When you start placing yourself as a priority and develop the mindset and have a platinum business toolkit, your business (life) will start to transform beyond your wildest dreams.

Welcome your ideal client, receive the income you want, have more time and fun in your life and yes! have a happier marriage!

The quality of your life truly determines the quality of your business. I believe you deserve nothing but the best and I’d love to show you how to make that a reality.

My Services

Business Coaching

About soul essentials

My signature 6 month program to help you take your business to the next level, become financially independent and develop the mindset, confidence, and relationship skills (communication, set boundaries, create more trust, intimacy, and JOY to transform your relationship.

Courageous Confidence Program

About soul essentials

This 8-week program is designed to help you up level your business and relationship at a profoundly personal level so that you feel stronger, courageous, and unstoppable to make your dreams come true. The Soul Inspired Courageous Confidence Program is an investment for life!

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