Coaching is the latest trend to sweep the globe in 2020. Over the past few years, different types and patterns in coaching have started to grow and take shape, and with so much variety in coaching styles, it can be overwhelming. 

Why Coaching Is A Trend

It seems like every time you open Instagram, there’s another coach there ready to fill you with inspirational thoughts and a “You can do it!” attitude. They’re out there, ready to help you tackle life’s challenges and bring out your hidden potential. 

I think it is incredible that so many people want to help others. And rightly so, because people are often looking for help to reveal their inner potential. Every aspect of your life can be supported by a specialized coach, from your career to your everyday routine. 

It comes down to a basic need in everyone: – We want to feel supported. We want to know that we are making the right decisions, we need support in making decisions, and we want to have someone cheer us on through the highs, and help pick us up from the lows. 

Coaching fills this need for support. Even coaches have coaches to help and support them through their own lives. Think about it like this: Most of you have moms whom you’ve probably been able to turn to for support. 

If that was lacking like in my case, I found other women in the course of my life who were more experienced and could provide me with the sounding board I needed – so it’s natural that we turn to someone experienced to be the best version of ourselves. 

What Is Holistic Coaching?

I’ve talked about my coaching journey, and how I discovered that stepping back and looking at what I needed not only emotionally, but physically, mentally and spiritually helped bring me to a much happier place. I share this now with my clients, but what is a holistic approach? 

The definition of holistic is to look at something as many interconnecting parts that function together as a whole. Simply put, if one piece isn’t working correctly, there is an impact on all the other parts as well. 

Socrates said : 

“The part can never be well unless the whole is well.”

 Holistic coaching works because it focuses on the larger picture. Some of the questions I look at are things like: 

  • What is going on in your life? 
  • What is going on in your family (past, present, and future)?
  • What is your health like?
  • What else is going on? 

Together, we look at everything that is happening in your life, and we make a plan to make sure all parts are working well. A holistic approach means we make sure that you, as a whole, have the support and the tools to help you be well. I want you to feel like everything is balanced (again), and that you have the resources you need.  But what makes this coaching trend so different to others?

A Holistic Coach helps you find clarity in what can feel like chaos. 

5 Reasons You Need To Jump On This Coaching Trend

Why is a holistic coach a great choice when it comes to making lifestyle changes? Here are the reasons why coaching with me is different:  

A Holistic Coach Is Your Sparring Partner 

I’m interested in what’s going on in your life. We can talk about anything, and together we can work towards setting goals and finding solutions for any life challenges. We can talk about anything, and you can know that I’ll support you there. For me, it’s about creating the time to talk about what your pain points are, and establishing how we can work together on the questions you’re struggling with. 

A Holistic Coach Looks At the Whole Picture. 

For me, it’s not just about what you’re feeling. I’m interested in supporting your whole being and helping you find ways to make positive lifestyle changes. Through yoga, meditation, therapeutic essential oil use, and even exploring your family constellation, I’ll help you explore your own goals, and together we can set manageable steps to achieving them. 

A Holistic Coach Takes The Time to Get to Know You. 

One of the reasons I start every coaching journey with a general get to know you call, is so I can get an idea of what your needs are. Every time I get on a call with a new client, my primary focus is how we connect, and how I can help this person find some clarity. It also lets me work out which pieces of your whole I can help with, and build a tailored coaching program for you.
Sometimes we may not be a match, but I’m always going to offer solutions and assistance to anyone who takes the time to call me. 

A Holistic Coach Is Supportive and Encouraging 

Because I look at the whole picture, rather than just pieces, I can offer strategies to help you in different areas. It’s not just a case of working on one section of your life, but about helping set that piece and supporting the others around it. Think about the cheerleader pyramid – Everyone looks at the person on top, waving the pompoms, but the people below are just as vital. That pyramid needs to be sturdy and support the person on top. Together we can build that support you need, and then I’ll help you wave the pompoms! 

A Holistic Coach Cares About You. 

This isn’t a cliché. I’m focused on making sure that you achieve your goals. Think of me as a mini-Mastermind; I’m ready to help you tackle those challenges and will make sure you have a clear path to achieve your objectives. I’m going to suggest alternatives, I’m going to call you out if you need it, and I’m going to be your sounding board. And I will always be honest with you. It’s because I care about you, and I want you to be the best and most complete version of you there is.
I will create a positive and engaging space where we can grow together and test new strategies. That’s because you are my focus, and I want you to feel safe on your journey. 

Holistic Coaching is the coaching trend because people want to achieve different goals, and be the best versions of themselves out there. They want to feel supported, to have a sparring partner, and most importantly, they want to grow as individuals. A holistic coach can help with these elements because they look at all the aspects of your life and create a plan with you. It’s about making sure all the pieces function well and are healthy, and work together to make you whole. 

Are you interested in how my style of coaching can help you make positive lifestyle changes? Why not connect with me and talk about how a holistic coaching journey can change things for the better.