One of the most frequently asked questions I get is, “What exactly IS a Clarity Call and what do I get out of it?”.

But not only this one. I also have heard these:

• “Do you try to sell me something?”
• “Is it some weird inspirational stuff?”
• “Why do I need a call?”
• “Does it cost me money?”

Relax. A clarity call does none of these things. A clarity call with me is all about helping you find your direction in coaching (whether with me or not) and about us exploring if there is a spark for working together.

The Low-Down on Coaching and Why You Need It

There are many differences between the style of coaching that I offer and a regular coach. It’s not about asking you questions, and then probing you to help you discover answers you may already know inside.

1. My coaching style is about a holistic approach, not only helping you find solutions but also find ways to support you in your journey.

2. A clarity call is at the forefront, an exploration to see how we connect and clarify what exactly you need – and ultimately to discover if we can cultivate a relationship. It determines if we can move forward together, and if we can’t, then I can always offer other resources and coaches that I know who may be a better fit.

3. It’s not about sales at all. It’s about human connection.
I build trust with my clients and make sure that we’re a match – because I genuinely care about my clients. It’s what sets my style apart – I’m different because I care.

Finding Clarity

It all begins with just scheduling a 30-minute call with me. It can be on Skype, WhatsApp, even on the phone. My website has a quick and easy booking system, which means you can choose the time and how we connect.
Once the call is started, it’s really about getting to know each other. After the introductions are made, we then get to the meat of it all.

In each clarity call, we start with the basics.

• What are your life goals?
• What phase are you at in your life?
• What are your next steps?

We work together to establish your goals and help you find a direction. I like to think of it as opening a road map. Together we can work out what the best path is, and how you can start your journey.
Whether your goals are financial, personal growth, spiritual growth, or something else, there is value in getting clarity and discovering yourself.

Strategic Coaching

My coaching style is about working together and sharing life experiences. Together, we work out what your needs are and we determine your life goals.

Coaching isn’t about me asking you lots of questions, but rather about understanding where you are and helping you look at the whole picture. We work out what support you need, and strategies to encourage your forward motion.

I believe in working with you to find out what your goals are and helping you get the answer to that burning question you have within. There are so many directions we can go – from individual coaching to family constellations – that it’s important to develop a strategy and go.

What next?

It sounds like a lot to process in a short call. How can we do all this in such a short time? Will this work?

The answer is yes. This short call is just a stepping stone — a chance to get together and build a relationship. Sometimes it doesn’t work, and that’s ok, too! I work with other coaches who might be a better fit for you and I’ll always make sure you have solutions.

But for me, the most important part of a clarity call is this: I want to make sure we are a match because I care about you. I want to make sure you have the tools and the strategy to reach your goals. Together we can determine the best route to take.
It just takes a moment to find some clarity. Are you curious? Dare to make the call to me and find out how we can work together.