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Relationship life coaching for women


“The quality of your relationships determine the quality of your life.”


Let’s Get Real…

  • Do you get way more turned on by your business than the person you wake up to every morning?
  • Does your sex life suck because you are too tired after working hard all day on your business and taking care of everyone else?
  • Is your business suffering because of stress at home?
  • Has fighting or simply ignoring each other become a big part of your life?
  • Have you become a control freak and have serious boundaries issues?

    Imagine the Possibilities…

    • Stepping into your feminine power and knowing your relationship is about to transform.
    • Bringing back the spark to what has become pretty stale over time…(say HELLO to lovemaking like you used to have)
    • Even better, falling in love with your partner all over again…(hey there’s a reason you choose this person)
    • Developing the communication skills you need to take your relationship to the next level…(learn from me how to set healthy boundaries
    • Being able to relax in your relationship and allowing your partner to step up…(imagine what you are going to do with all that extra time!)
    • Dissolving your limiting beliefs, long-standing issues, and damaging patterns.
    • And ultimately, feeling confident, supported and good about yourself and the connection you have with your partner.
    Relationship life coaching for women

    “You are not what has happened to you.

    You are what you choose to become.”


    “If you think you’ve tried everything, you haven’t met Carol yet!”

    Who am I?

    Hi, I’m Carol. And believe me… I’ve been there.
    A marriage where I felt lonely even though I loved my (ex)husband, unable to communicate my needs, fear that he would leave me for someone younger, smarter, thinner.

    I’ve pretty much seen and experienced ALL relational challenges, which is why I have a strict judgement free zone.

    Whether you’re looking to restore a damaged relationship or want to work on it before problems start (or become too serious), I’m here to help.

    One of the most painful things is when you start to feel alone in your relationship. Your needs are no longer being met and the connection you once shared seems to have disappeared overnight…

    You want a relationship that makes you come alive. A connection that inspires, excites and makes you feel proud.

    Using a well rounded holistic approach, I help women like you rekindle the intimacy, joy, and fulfillment in their relationship – whichever stage of life you’re in!

    I approach relationship coaching differently than you’d expect because I start with YOU. Let’s be honest, you can’t expect your partner to do the work just because you’re ready.

    When you take the lead and develop the mindset and relationship toolkit you need to be the best partner you can be, your relationship will start to transform beyond your wildest dreams.

    It’s all too common that after you’ve started to make positive change your partner becomes interested in joining the process too.

    The quality of your relationships truly determines the quality of your life. I believe you deserve nothing but the best and I’d love to show you how to make that a reality.


    What People Say About Carol


    There were so many takeaways from my relationship coaching with Carol, but by far, the biggest for me was the impact of implementing the weekly sit-down meeting. It’s not easy to juggle crazy work schedules, running a business, kids, dogs, intimacy, alone time, family time, food, bills, the list goes on! The idea to introduce a weekly business-esque meeting spoke to us both immediately. Just like a business team meeting, we have set agenda points and an opportunity to reflect on the previous week.

    My partner and I plan, organize, and map out what’s happening in our family and personal life, week by week. It helps eliminate confusion, assumptions, and guesswork and limits the number of surprises; we know what’s happening and when. It gives us the oversight we needed and helps us set boundaries and say no to too many things to protect our family and relationship.
    It’s improved our communication and organization and helped us align on so many aspects of our married life; in honesty, it’s transformed our relationship. We look forward to spending this time together each week to get ourselves organized and heads in the game for the coming week.

    Thanks, Carol, for everything you taught us!

    Laura Burke

    Carol is real and dares to take you a layer deeper into your soul work. She made me realize that my goals are very achievable. As a mom and entrepreneur who tends to put too much on her plate, She helped me break my numbers down and realize my money goals are within reach. And guess what? By doing less!

    Deep limiting beliefs that I have gathered throughout my life came up. With her support, I was able to face these beliefs and start to take the steps to let them go. Seeing Carol’s work is connected to spirit, things started flowing instantly. With messages popping up everywhere around me to enforce this new mindset and lifestyle.

    I look forward to working with Carol further.

    Sandra Wilson | Yoga Lifestyle guide and Writer


    Carol is een fijne en bekwame coach. Met haar warme persoonlijkheid en positieve energie weet ze je op je gemak te stellen.
    Tijdens onze coaching sessies heeft Carol me geïnspireerd om te focussen op mogelijkheden.

    Ze biedt een luisterend oor en stelt de juiste vragen die helpen om in kaart te brengen waar je mee aan de slag kan. Daarbij heeft ze me enkele handvatten gegeven die me verder op weg hebben geholpen.

    Dankjewel Carol, voor je liefdevolle begeleiding en fijne coaching.

    Nadia | Wellness of The Soul

    “I’ve done just completed my fifth sessions with Carol. Mainly to better handle my relationships, whether it’s family or marriage.  What I love about Carols style is that it felt like I’m talking to my best friend who cares that I would be at my best.  Her approach was diverse, she communicated well, made me think outside the box, gave me exercises which made me see things rationally and in a non biased way. Already after only my fourth session, I became calmer, forgiving, positive and most importantly stopped worrying about everyone for no reason. Whoever knows Carol is lucky to have her in their lives.”

    Farah (37) | Dubai

    “I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me so far. After our first session, I started to think more specifically about my future. It’s very difficult for me to express myself, but I noticed that I felt freer and less ashamed that life didn’t turn out the way I would’ve liked. You are very sweet and amazing how you deal with my problems. You’re right that if I don’t dare to take risks or make changes, then all the shit I’ve been through was for nothing. I’m now finally able to set my boundaries better in my relationships, which I’m so happy about. It’s a real blessing for me to know you.”

    Lots of love,
    Participant Feminine Leadership Academy

    “I did a family constellation with Carol.
    It was a fairly spontaneous action, but it has given me so much insight into the dynamics within our family. I now understand why things always go the way they do and more importantly how to deal with the issues that come up.
    I also recognize what my role is and how I can lovingly take this responsibility on.

    Thank you, dear Carol!”


    “Asking for help is a strength, not a weakness.”

    How Can I Help?
    Free Discovery Session

    If you’re feeling stuck, uncertain, or not sure how to move forward, I would love to help you. Sometimes it’s good to have someone listen and mirror things back to you.

    One of my superpowers is being able to find the light at the end of the tunnel, by using humor and a LOT of personal and professional experience.

    Relationship coaching

    When you book a Free Discovery Session,
    I’ll make sure you get the clarity, the tools, and the confidence you need to take the next step, whatever that might be.

    Trust me, you always have more options than you think. 

    So what are you waiting for?

    Don’t Leave Without Your Free  Guide

    The Soul Instagram

    🌅 One of the things I love the most is waking up to the sunrise right outside our bedroom window. ⠀

    ❤️ THIS funny and very sweet fellow next to me is the other and coffee especially when it arrives in bed without asking ☕️

    🤩 Gratitude and laughter are like wine for the soul.

    😍 What are you grateful for? ⠀

    🥰 Wishing you a lovely day rain or shine.

    ❤️ Xox Carol and Ronald ⠀
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    #grateful #gratitude #love #coffee #sunrise

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    ❤️*Self-care* means taking time to do things that help you live well and improve both your physical health and mental health. 

🙃When it comes to your mental health, self-care can help you manage stress, lower your risk of illness, and increase your energy.
    😌Self-care relies on self-awareness which will help you to recognize patterns in your emotions, including events or situations that can trigger worsened symptoms. 

🤔It can also help you to recognize what activities or tasks are necessary of your wellbeing, soothe negative symptoms of a mental illness or stress, or simply bring you pleasure or relaxation.⠀

    😎What are your most helpful self-care rituals?

🥰My top 3 are which I do with Ronald whenever possible are:
    😮‍💨1. Sitting outside on the balcony and doing a simple breathing exercise for sometimes no longer than a minute and then sitting quietly for as long as I feel like it that day.⠀
    🤗2. Sharing a minimum of 3 things we are grateful for.⠀
    💃3. Putting on my favorite song and having a random dance party .

🤙I’d love it if you’d share at least one of yours! 

💕xox Carol⠀

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    Do Opposites Attract or Attack?

    In mijn nieuwste blog neem ik jullie mee in tegenpolen binnen de relatie en de verschillen als partners.

    Je kent waarschijnlijk de Amerikaanse uitdrukking “Opposites Attract”, maar heb je ook gehoord van “Opposites Attack”?

    Ben jij er klaar voor om de verschillen in je relatie eens onder de loep te nemen en deze verschillen te gaan bespreken en te vieren?

    Lees de hele blog (link in bio)!

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    One of those nights!

    #marriagehumor #lightenup #marriagetip #couplesgoals❤️

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    How time flies! 9-9-2018⠀
I know it sounds corny but this was hands down the best day of my life (next to giving birth to my little darlings of course!) It’s a day I felt the most proud of because I know how hard we worked to get there. 

Ronald and I have been together 15 years nows and man, what a ride it’s been!

Don’t think for a second it’s been all peaches and cream because I am a relationship coach/expert.

 It’s WHY I am a relationship coach!

Most of the best coaches and therapists I know choose their trade to help sort out their own mess and then make it their mission to help others with lessons learned. That would be me! 

I’m your shortcut to relationship success! If I we’re you, I’d take advantage of my experience and expertise and learn from my f*&KUPS! 

The reason Ronald and I are so happy is because we practice what we teach. 

No, all the time of course. 
That would be weird. 

Sometimes we irritate the hell out of each other, big time! That’s life. If you never fight, that worries me.

As you may have heard, I help my clients with not only their relationships but also their businesses. It’s been a very logical choice based upon my extensive training en experience. 

If your relationship is suffering, so will your business. If you are not making any money or struggling with your business your relationship and health will be strained. 

If you’d like to have a no-bs and no-strings attached call, send me a dm. 

I’d love to help you create your Happily Ever After! 

Love, Carol
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    ❤️Do you remember the cartoons from the 70’s illustrated and written by Kim Casali? If not, you probably were born a couple decades after me! 
    ❤️The love story behind the now iconic cartoons is that Kim a young gal from New Zealand met and fell in love with Roberto, a young Italian she met during ski lessons somewhere I believe the United States. ⠀

    ❤️Kim was a cartoonist and started drawing pictures of some of the humorous adventures they shared and started adding little love notes. 

❤️These were eventually published in the Los Angeles Times ....read in the comments for more their story. 

❤️What is LOVE for you??? For us, it’s the little things. I’ll share first.⠀
🦶🏻Love is… softly touching each other toes in bed when it’s too hot to cuddle ⠀
    🤔Love is…having someone scratch the itch I can’t reach (and they HATE scratching)⠀
    🩰Love is…random (naked) dance parties in the middle of the night⠀
    😴Love is…filming the other snoring and laughing our butts of the next morning⠀
    👫Love is…walking hand in hand ⠀
    😍Love is…saying you’re sorry before you are asked (and frankly find it a bit too American⠀
    😍Love is...to keep going when you’d rather just give up⠀
    👀Love is…listening and looking at each other in the eyes when speaking⠀
    🤐Love is…knowing when to leave each other alone⠀
    🦸Love is...when you have all you could wish for
🛀🏻Love is…having the bath ready without asking for it⠀
    😍Love is…having someone who encourages you to follow your dreams even though it may be risky and takes time away from them⠀
    😋Love is…sharing the last bite ⠀

    Now you. I would love it if you would add to the list.⠀
    If you won’t share with me, then at least share what love is to you with your partner. ⠀

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    #loveis #love #loveislove #lovelovelove #lovelove #liefde ⠀

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    ☀️Grenzen zijn onmisbaar voor je business succes en gelukkige relaties.

    ☀️Grenzen kunnen stellen is juist fijn. 

☀️Het geeft duidelijkheid voor iedereen en vooral RUST. Als dit nog niet beheerst dan zul je keer op keer veel meer geven dan goed voor je is in jouw partnerrelaties, met familie, kinderen, vrienden, buren en op een gegeven moment leeglopen en superchagrijnig worden.
    ☀️Met klanten: Als je een neiging hebt om te weinig te vragen voor je werk en meer tijd of service geeft dan goed voor je is, ga je ook hierop leeglopen.

☀️De kans is groot dat je een burn-out krijgt, je relatie beëindigd of met je onderneming stopt. 

☀️Dat kan niet de bedoeling zijn, toch?
    😖Maar hoe dan? Ik heb alllles geprobeerd!

🤔Have you REALLY? Ik zeg…
    ☀️Aan de slag! Je bent nooit te oud om dit te leren en je partner ook niet. Jaren geleden las ik een boek: ‘You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks.’ Quite funny and it’s true! 

☀️Grenzen leren aangeven is onmisbaar voor een gelukkig relatie en succesvolle business! 

☀️Je hebt geluk want grenzen leren aangeven en voor je waarde gaan staan is een belangrijk onderdeel van mijn Platinum Business & Relationship Programma. 

☀️Als je meer hierover wilt leren, boek nu een Gratis Discovery Call om te zien als het iets voor je is. ⠀

    ☀️Ik weet zeker dat je iets waardevols uit onze gesprek zal halen dus click snel op de link (Discovery Call) of verder op mijn website!⠀

    🇺🇸🇳🇱 Carol⠀

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    🤔YOU teach people how to treat you!⠀

    ☀️Boundaries assure success in your business and relationship(s)! ⠀

    🌼Stay tuned for my next blog for more insights and some fun!⠀

    🇺🇸🇳🇱 Carol⠀

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    #selfawarenessjourney #youarepowerful #marriageandbusiness #boundaries #grenzen #liveyourbestlife #womanceo #gogetit #successdriven #buildingmyempire #womeninbusiness #womensupportingwomen #fempreneur #mindsetforgreatness #hustleandheart #mindsetiskey #purposedriven #getoutofyourownway #coachesneedcoaches #relatiecoach #businesscoach4women ⠀


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    Actively working on your relationship MUST go hand in hand with working on your business.

    It's no different than a dance.

    It takes two to tango! 💃🕺

    I am curious, do you have a business coach?

    If so, do you also have a relationship coach?

    Are you really and truly as careful and invested in your marriage as you are your business?

    What about your partner? Are you both on the same level? Are you both satisfied with how things are going or playing the waiting and hoping it's going to get better one day when...

    You don't have to tell me but be honest and I suggest having a heart to heart talk with your partner. Check out my new IGTV with some special news!

    I'd love to hear your thoughts.

    Wishing you all your heart desires.


    #selfawarenessjourney #youarepowerful #marriageandbusiness #liveyourbestlife #womanceo #gogetit #successdriven #buildingmyempire #womeninbusiness #womensupportingwomen #fempreneur #mindsetforgreatness #hustleandheart #mindsetiskey #purposedriven #getoutofyourownway #coachesneedcoaches

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    The time is NOW! What are you waiting for? Xo Carol ...

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    🙄Undercharging or Overdelivering much?

    😬Do you struggle with how much to charge for your programs, products or services?

    😰Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right balance of pricing to convert new clients but without under charging for your value.

    😭This is incredibly painful and is happening far too often especially within the health and wellness branch.

    🤔You are working your ass off and it often feels you are finishing with less money at the end of the month than when you started.

    🤫This is something I had struggled with for DECADES! No joke!

    🧐Pricing is the MOST important component of your business success! Knowing what your are worth and must charge to attract to right clients and have a sustainable biz!

    🥶Undercharging is killing for you and your business!

    🥳Surprise! I have a fantastic exercise that I run through with my clients to easily solve the problem of what to charge and if this is something you struggle with I’d love to help you out.

    🤩If you want to know more send me DM and we can set up a very enlightening call!

    ❤️xo Carol

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    😷De media, de mensen om je heen, je dagelijkse leven – het lijkt alsof de hele wereld op zijn kop staat. ⠀

    🤑Het binnenharken van geld, investeren in je business en daarnaast ook nog je relatie (partner, kinderen, familie, vrienden) gezond houden, er zijn maar weinig stellen die stressvrij hier doorheen komen. ⠀

    😵Sterker nog, de feiten laten zien dat gebrek aan communicatie over onderwerpen als RELATIE en FINANCIËN zelfs dodelijk kunnen zijn. ⠀

    😢I kid you not! ⠀

    👩‍❤️‍👨Financiën en relaties, twee essentiële aspecten van het leven die elkaar wederzijds beïnvloeden en een grotere rol spelen in jouw levensgeluk dan je misschien zelf denkt. ⠀

    🤦🏼‍♀️Als je niet goed in je vel zit heb je weinig inspiratie, minder energie en handel je inefficiënt. ⠀

    😤Bij geldproblemen is er extra spanning in de relatie die leiden tot relatieproblemen waardoor het lastiger is om je volledig op je business te kunnen richten.⠀

    😔Schuldgevoelens en twijfels beginnen te knagen, tegenover je partner, kind(eren) én ook naar jezelf. ⠀

    🧐‘The ability to carry the mental load does NOT come pre-installed in the vagina.’ ⠀

    💛I love this Quote! ⠀

    🧏‍♀️Maar hoe graag we het ook hadden gewild, helaas is geboren worden en mentaal alles aankunnen nog steeds onmogelijk en zijn er consequenties wanneer we de struikelblokken als ‘relatie’ en ‘financiën’ niet de juiste aandacht geven.⠀

    🙊Gevolgen van financiële stress en niet effectief hierover kunnen praten en weten jij eraan kunt doen...lees verder in mijn nieuwste blog. ⠀

    👍You can do this! ⠀

    Xox Carol⠀

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    😢 Sometimes life can suck!

    🔦 I feel fortunate to be one of those people who can quickly see or at least imagine a light in the darkness.⠀

    🤣 I am fortunate to able to laugh at the most horrible of situations (my own) and make fun of myself. ⠀

    🧰 I am fortunate to have a tool box full of resources I have access to at all times when I am ready to stop feeling sorry for myself. ⠀

    🤔 How on earth I manage to trust and know things are not happening to me but for me is beyond me. ⠀

    🌪 My life has not been a walk in the park. ⠀

    📙 As co-author of two best selling books: ⠀
    The Gift in Challenge & Facing your Fears. I've shared my story about being brainwashed, abuse, isolation, living in fear for many years, losing my family and community, two divorces, being a sex-worker, moving to another continent to try and escape my past (by the way...this doesn't work!)⠀

    I'm not telling you this to brag 😂 but more to let you know if I can live a life of gratitude, joy and abundance so can you. ⠀

    ❤️‍🩹 That my friend takes courage and a whole lot of healing. It takes time, energy and the willingness to do the work.⠀

    🛠 These are some of the things that help:⠀

    🌳Get outside as much as possible.⠀

    🌤 Sit in the sun for at least 15 minutes a day even if it's behind a window on a shitty Dutch day.⠀

    💦 Drink more water⠀

    🤦🏼‍♀️ Book a Meditation Retreat (which I really don't like going into)⠀

    🤗 Ask my husband for more hugs and patience⠀

    👧 Call my girlfriends. Reaching out and asking for support has been a big one for me!⠀

    😴 Get more rest. Take naps.⠀

    🥦 Eat more veggies.⠀

    🤪 Watch funny movies or silly series like Will and Grace or Friends.⠀

    🧹 Clean, yes Clean. Mostly swifter. It's very satisfying.⠀

    🛁 Take a bath every day (sorry Mother Earth)⠀

    🧡 Use essential oils ALOT! ⠀

    😍 I'd love if you would share some of the things you do to pull yourself out of a funk so I can add them to my list.⠀

    ❤️ I hope the somethingI have shared has given you hope or made you smile. If you need me, you know the first step. ⠀

    📳 If not, send me a DM (message)⠀

    🤷‍♀️ What are you waiting for?⠀

    ❤️ Love, Carol⠀

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    Sweet dreams friend!
    Xx Carol

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    🥳 Spannend! Dit is mijn eerste Nederlandse blog! Ik ben heel benieuwd hoe je het vind en als het je een voorkeur hebt...⠀

    🤔 Nederlands of Engels?⠀

    ❔Ben je veilig of onveilig gehecht?

😥 Bij onveilige hechting spelen verlatingsangst of bindingsangst een rol. 

🍏🍐 De overeenkomst tussen mensen met verlatingsangst en bindingsangst is dat zij allen angst ervaren. Zij gaan hier echter op verschillende manieren mee om.

🤺🏃‍♀️Hebben jullie als partners beiden onveilige hechtingspatronen dan bepalen angst en pijn de wijze waarop jullie met elkaar omgaan. 

😫😖 Een voorbeeld: als jullie elkaar gevonden omdat jullie dezelfde behoeften hebben, maar als partners stoten jullie elkaar af wanneer behoeftes niet in worden gevuld. ⠀

    🆘 Het voelt alsof jullie niet samen, maar ook niet zonder elkaar kunnen….⠀⠀
    📝 Om te ontdekken wat jou style is ga naar mijn profile! Nederlands Blog #1⠀
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    #bettermarriage #bettertogether #huwelijk #wife #husband #kiesvoorliefde #husbandandwife #love #marriagegoals #verbindingsangst #verlatingsangst #couplegoals #marriage tips #marriedlife #marriageadvice #marriagehelp

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    🤸🏻‍♀️There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that YOU can do this, whatever THIS is AND....you may need more help to get there furthur and faster in a more healthy and productive way. ⠀

    👯‍♀️It doesn't matter if you're a young mom, a grandma, a coach or high end business leader, we all need help. ⠀

    🧚🏻‍♀️We all grow by having someone around who is a bit wiser, loving, and honest like a mom, grandmother or friend. Unfortunetly, sometimes these may not always be unbiased enough or even around.

    ☺️As a coach, teacher and mentor for women, my extreme unfair advantage is I have 6 decades of life experience, 30 years owning and managing multiple businesses and have been able to invest this past twelve months alone 50K on my professional and personal growth. ⠀

    ⏰I don't say this to brag but to help you understand to be and stay successful in every area our lives, we need to invest time, energy and sometimes money!⠀

    💁‍♀️I do this for myself but also because I want to be the best coach and mentor I can be. ⠀

    🧘‍♀️I'm your shortcut to more joy and success. ⠀

    🙆‍♀️This is why women come to me. ⠀

    👩🏻‍🎤I know you can do this! ⠀

    🍵How about having a cup of tea together and have a chat? I'd love to really connected and who knows, I just might make your day a little brighter. ⠀

    📅Send me a dm and I'll see you a link. ⠀

    ❤️Love, Carol⠀
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    🤔Are you spending more time cleaning up relationship messes or investing time and energy to make sure it doesn’t get that far in the first place???

🤓The old adage “Prevention is better than cure” can be applied in more ways than one.

❤️‍🩹When I speak about health, I mean it in every aspect of our lives. Physical, mental, emotional, financial AND, relational. 

💩It's so much easier to keep the shit from hitting the fan than to clean it up afterwards. 

👩‍❤️‍👨Ronald and I have collaborated with a new blog on this topic. If you’d like to hear our two cents on this subject hop on over to the website!

❤️Lots of love,⠀

📲PS: We love if you could share how you keep your marriage healthy!⠀

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    The day is not over yet😍😘💋#marrige #everymomentmatters #domoreofthat #rememberwhen ...

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