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Business coaching by soul essentials


“The quality of your relationships determine the quality of your life.”


Straight Talk, Darling

  • Do you wish to break free from the emotional toll of feeling unheard and misunderstood in your relationships, gaining the tools to communicate effectively and be truly understood?

  • Do you sometimes feel like you’re juggling responsibilities without a moment to breathe, longing to be yourself without any strings attached? 

  • Are you struggling with the feeling of invisibility, even in the midst of all the chaos, as if you’re drowning in a sea of demands?

  • Do you yearn for someone who understands what it’s like to be a woman in today’s fast-paced, demanding world, guiding you as you navigate personal relationships, marriage, and self-confidence?

  • Are you tired of feeling like you’re not enough, grappling with self-doubt, questioning your worth, and wishing you could break free from these crippling thoughts?

    Well, listen up, my dear, because I’ve got news for you.
    You’re stronger than you think, and you’re certainly not
    alone. Together, we can tackle these challenges head-on
    and reclaim the happiness, confidence, and fulfillment you deserve.

    So, what do you say? Are you ready to start this journey toward transformation? Because, darling, it’s about time
    you embraced the extraordinary woman you truly are.

Unleash the Magic…

  • Harnessing Your Power:
    Picture this, gorgeous! You’re stepping into your dazzling feminine force, a brilliant beacon ready to revolutionize your business and personal relationships. There’s no stopping you now!

  • Flaunting Your Fabulousness:
    Can you see it? You’re creating tantalizing, client-magnet packages that scream your unique skills and signature style. Your value is about to take center stage and honey, it’s going to shine!

  • Partner Power-Up:
    Now picture this, you’re leaning back in your relationship, letting your partner step up. The world is suddenly your oyster! What are you going to do with all that newfound time? Sky’s the limit!

  • Ditching the Drag:
    You’re shedding those pesky limiting beliefs, those nagging issues, and destructive patterns like last season’s fashion. Feel that? That’s the thrill of liberation and the promise of fresh growth.

  • Commanding Communication:
    Imagine this – you’re a communication whizz, with words at your command like the world’s greatest orchestra. Your business and personal relationships are reaching unprecedented heights. And boundaries? Let’s just say you’ve got them down to an art.

  • Radiating Confidence:
    Finally, see yourself basking in the glow of self-confidence, feeling deeply supported, and downright amazing about who you are. This radiance, darling, is going to light up your business and your life like a midsummer’s day.

    And ultimately, feel confident, supported and good about yourself and let this positivity reflect through your business.
Business coaching for women by soul essentials

“You are not what has happened to you.

You are what you choose to become.”

Platinum business coaching

“If you think you’ve tried everything, you haven’t met Carol yet!”

Who’s Carol?
Let’s Get Acquainted! 

I’m Carol, your partner on this transformative journey.
Trust me, I’ve been where you are now.

My mission? To inject life into your business and relationships, to
help them bloom and bring you unfiltered joy and pride through
my coaching.

With my eyes wide open to the full spectrum of business challenges,
my approach is entirely judgement-free. Let’s sidestep those common mistakes together and tap into my treasure chest of 40+ years of rich experience.

Leveraging a holistic approach, I stand by women like you, reigniting the spark and fulfillment in your business, no matter where you are in life’s grand adventure. Get ready, beautiful, we’re about to make magic happen!

My Services

Courageous Confidence Intensive

Platinum business coaching


Are you prepared to dive into a life-changing adventure?

Welcome to the “Courageous Confidence Intensive,” my signature 6-month one-on-one coaching program is designed  to empower you to manifest a life brimming with joy and so much gratitude!

You’ll cultivate a mindset of courage, boost your confidence,   and refine your relationship skills to foster profound connections, articulate communication, and assertive boundaries that align with your true self.

Unveil your innate power, and let your life mirror a captivating glow of peace, joy, and love.

This is not just a program – it’s an adventure into your most radiant self. Are you ready to embark on this transformative  journey?

I would be honored to be your teacher, guide, coach,  mentor, and cheerleader.

Let’s do this, together! I’ve got your back girl!


Courageous Confidence Online Program

Platinum business coaching


 Welcome to the “Couragous Confidence Catalyst,” our     groundbreaking 6-week online program. This isn’t just a   course, it’s your launch pad to a life where you’re in the   driver’s seat, dictating the terms of your own success.

Over the next six weeks, you’re going to get fearless. You’re going to get powerful. And you’re going to get moving towards the dreams that have been gathering dust on your “someday” shelf.

This isn’t about changing who you are – it’s about unleashing the unstoppable person you’ve been all along. You’ll learn how to ditch the doubt, kick the fear to the curb, and start living with a courage and confidence that makes people stop and say, “Who IS that?!”

No more waiting. No more excuses. Your dreams aren’t going to chase themselves.

   Are you ready to rev up your engines and get started?         Because your life is waiting, and it’s way too exciting to hit snooze on.

Let’s go!

Marieke van dijk

Marieke Van Dijk

Owner/ President Kairos Consultancy

“Carol and her husband are an inspiration…”

Even if you don’t think therapy is necessary yet, Carol can be of great service to you personally. She offers a safe space in her private sessions where you can talk about everything without fear of judgment.

Carol and her husband are an inspiration, showing that it is possible to be intensely happy in a relationship. She will help you claim your inner badass in her characteristic humorous way, providing information and accountability to act in her characteristic humorous way, providing information and accountability to act.

“Wow, what a transformation in a short time!”

“Embarking on a coaching journey with Carol has been nothing short of transformative. In just a few months, I have experienced remarkable changes that have had a profound impact on my life. Carol’s warm and inviting nature immediately put me at ease, allowing me to fully open up and embrace the process.

She intuitively understands my needs and tailors the sessions accordingly, incorporating exercises, constellations, bodywork, and reflection to propel me forward in my personal growth. I am immensely grateful for everything Carol has done for me. Her guidance, expertise, and genuine care have truly transformed my life. Each session with her brings me closer to my authentic self and empowers me to embrace my journey of personal growth.

Thank you, Carol, for being a catalyst for positive change in my life.”

Cherilyn van

Cherilyn van

Business Owner Cosmos Hairstyling

How Can I Help?

Complimentary Exploration Session

If you’re feeling a tad stuck or unsure of the next step, I’m here, ready to offer a helping hand. Sometimes, all you need is a friendly ear and a fresh perspective to see your situation in a whole new light.

One of my superhero abilities is shining a light on the path ahead, armed with a dash of humor and a wealth of personal and professional experience.

Transformative Relationship Coaching

When you sign up for a Complimentary Exploration Session, I ensure you walk away with clarity, empowering tools, and a renewed sense of confidence to stride forward, no matter what your next chapter holds.

Believe me, darling, your choices are always more abundant than they appear. So, what’s stopping you? Let’s dive in and uncover the possibilities together.

Relationship coaching

When you book a Free Discovery Session,
I’ll make sure you get the clarity, the tools, and the confidence you need to take the next step, whatever that might be.

Trust me, you always have more options than you think.