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Business coaching by soul essentials


“The quality of your relationships determine the quality of your life.”


Let’s Get Real…

  • Do you know you’ve been undercharging and over-delivering, and you wish you had someone to help you price your services and encourage full pay clients?
  • Do you love what you do but aren’t certain how to organise your expertise into lucrative, client-attracting packages?
  • Does your sex life suck because you are too tired after working hard all day on your business and taking care of everyone else?
  • Is your business suffering because of stress at home?
  • Do you feel nervous every time you talk with a prospective client, knowing you’re not quite sure of what to say when it comes to the money part?

    Imagine the Possibilities…

    • Stepping into your feminine power and knowing your business and private relationships are about to transform.
    • Developing lucrative, client-attracting packages that spotlight your value and your unique way of working with clients.
    • Crystal clear clarity about your niche, and feel excited every day to only be working with clients you love, and who appreciate YOU and your expertise.
    • Developing the communication skills you need to take your business and private relationships to the next level…(learn from me how to set healthy boundaries)
    • Being able to relax in your relationship and allowing your partner to step up…(imagine what you are going to do with all that extra time!)
    • Dissolving your limiting beliefs, long-standing issues, and damaging patterns.
    • And ultimately, feel confident, supported and good about yourself and let this positivity reflect through your business.
    Business coaching for women by soul essentials

    “You are not what has happened to you.

    You are what you choose to become.”

    Platinum business coaching

    “If you think you’ve tried everything, you haven’t met Carol yet!”

    Who am I?

    Hi, I’m Carol. And believe me… I’ve been there.

    I help busy professional women transform their businesses and relationships into ones that make them come alive through my coaching. One that’s inspiring, exciting, supportive, and makes you feel unbelievably proud.

    I’ve pretty much seen and experienced ALL business challenges, which is why I have a strict judgement-free zone—helping you to avoid mistakes, offering you over 40 years of experience.

    Using a well-rounded holistic approach, I help women like you rekindle the joy and fulfilment from their business – whichever stage of life you’re in!

    My Services

    Soul Inspired Life

    Platinum business coaching

    This signature 6-month program is to help you lead a life where you have embodied empowerment. Become financially independent and develop the mindset, confidence, and relationship skills to transform 
    all areas of your life.

    Courageous Confidence Program

    Platinum business coaching

    This 8-week program is an investment for life! 
    An essential start to embracing confidence in
    all areas of your life.
    Feel stronger, courageous, and unstoppable to
    make your dreams come true.

    How Can I Help?
    Free 30 minute Coaching Session

    If you’re feeling stuck, uncertain, or not sure how to move forward, I would love to help you. Sometimes it’s good to have someone listen and mirror things back to you.

    One of my superpowers is being able to find the light at the end of the tunnel, by using humor and a LOT of personal and professional experience.

    Relationship coaching

    When you book a Free Discovery Session,
    I’ll make sure you get the clarity, the tools, and the confidence you need to take the next step, whatever that might be.

    Trust me, you always have more options than you think. 

    So what are you waiting for?

    The Soul Instagram

    "The best sign of love is trust."
    - Joyce Brothers

    I know you won't respond but ask yourself: How much do I trust my partner?
    How much do I trust myself?
    Give each one a number between 1-10
    Be honest. I don't need to know but YOU do.

    If you don't score high on this it might be time to give it some attention. You may need help and I just bet you will really like our online course.

    Learn more by sending me a dm and we may ask you to participate in the pilot.

    Wishing you much love and trust,

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    What happens in Ibiza stays in Ibiza 😘 #retraite2022 ...

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    Coming soon!!
    Our online HEART program!

    Dutch and English
    DM for more information

    Xx Carol

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    #groei #happy #gelukkig #happilyeveryafter

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    Every relationship is a reflection of the relationship you have with yourself.

    So, how's that working out for you?

    Do you enjoy your own company?

    Remember, generally speaking we attract what we are and where we are at. Opposites attract? I beg to differ. Believe me or not but I'll bet your similarities are far greater than your differences.

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news but if you think your partner needs to work on themselves, or get some therapy, you may need to rethink that.

    Tip: Start putting more time and energy into making yourself happier and getting clear on what you need.

    Once you do, things have a way of sorting themselves out.

    Coming soon!!
    Our online HEART programs will help you do just that!

    Dutch and English
    DM for more information

    Xx Carol

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    #groei #happy #gelukkig #happilyeveryafter

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    How important is alone time for you?

    Do you enjoy your own company?

    Do you make yourself laugh?

    What kind of things do you do to fill your time?

    Share in the comments!

    Have a lovely day ❤️

    Xx Carol

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    Just for fun! ...

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    Who believes in Happily Ever After?

    What does that mean anyway?

    Carol & Ronald 9-9-18 ❤️🥂🍾

    #happilyeverafter #happilyeverafterrelationship
    #love #aniversary

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    It probably doesn't look like I'm working but I sort of kind of am. Or am I?

    The truth is Ronald and I are busy with a new project that you'll hear more about soon. We are very excited and the truth is, I need a lot of down time doing this. Nothing time.

    Fortunately having my own business I can make those decisions. Stay sitting on my ass visualizing or get behind my computer on this glorious day! Guess what I choose. Work starts today at 12:30 with a few breaks until I take a bike ride to meet my hubby later today.

    How's your day going?

    Work, play or is your work also play?

    How do you manage your week as entrepreneur?

    What would you like to learn from me?

    Bye for now 😘

    #workworkworkworkwork #chillvibes #entrepreneurship #ownbusiness #worklifebalance #takeabreak

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    Have you been #quietlyquitting your marriage?

    Do you feel like you're married to your brother?

    Is your relationship suffering from BOREOUT?

    Do you ever sit on the poor me pity potty?

    Does it ever feel like you're missing something?

    Have you ever felt guilty but didn't tell?

    How about mom guilt?

    Is the relationship with your ex stressful?

    Have you felt alone even though you love your partner?

    Do you feel you just don't have time in your life for someone's else's shit?

    Have you ever felt like your husband was just another child to care for?

    How you often thought the grass may well be greener on the other side of the fence?

    Is the CocaCola guy looking better everyday?

    Do you ever wish you lived alone?

    Are you ever envious of other couples?

    Do you suffer from 'comparititus' even jealous of other women?

    Shall I go on?

    Head-up my friend, my husband and I are getting close to launching the online version of our HEART program especially for you!

    It's going to be fun, motivating with some of the best insights and tools that will help you create and maintain your version of a 'Happily Ever After Relationship.

    It's in both Dutch and English
    we're inviting a few people to test drive.

    DM if you are interested.

    Xx Carol and Ronald

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    #happilyeveryafter #coachingwomen #cocacolaguy

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    Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?

    In other words, is the effort you are putting into your work worth it?

    What do I mean?

    Are you someone who often goes above and beyond the call of duty?

Have you ever resented someone for not noticing or showing appreciation for the things you do?

    Does your business feel more like a hobby than a real grown-up business?

    If you have your own business, are you satisfied with what you earn?

    Are you confident and know your worth?

    If not, I can help.

This Thursday, September 1st LIVE @EigenWIj, I’ll be sharing our insider’s secret with a small group of serious personal growth”ers who are ready for some more juice!


If you have to miss it but would like to join an online session to learn the same, send a DM asap. I will get back to you with the deets.

    Love and Success!

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    😂 One of my greatest gifts is being able to laugh at myself. Like this morning...so funny!
    I was speaking to my bestie on the phone. I laid the phone down for a couple minutes which was on speaker mode and started cleaning up the table. (Don't tell me you haven't done this!) Anyway, I walked away from the table and couldn't figure out why his voice was so far away. Guess why 😂😂😂
    I walked away with my chime to my ear instead of my tele! Dumb ass! Please share some of your stupid here that was really fun or even embarrassing! Make my day! ❤️😂❤️
    #funny #embarrasing #share #laugh #besties

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    Has something like this ever happened to you?

    I remember a few years ago I finally gathered up the courage to fulfill my dream of dancing like a ballerina on the beach.

    You know that expression, "Dance like nobody's watching." In my head it was going to be a magical moment in time, I would feel free at last to dance my best dance with not a care in the world.

    Music 🎶 playing in my ears I strutted down toward the shore line, ready for my debuut and nearly broke my foot 🦶🏻 It wasn't interested in twirling in the sand! What followed was a hop and a skip, short walk of inner shame which quickly turned into laughing 😂 my ass off!

    I had been talking myself into this for literally a couple of years! I kid you not!

    The moral of this story is:
    If you want to do something just do it! Maybe it works and maybe it doesn't but at the very least you'll have a story to tell.

    Xx Carol

    #justdoit #justdance #dothething #stopprocrastinating #whocares

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    “Carol, WAT DOE JIJ?”

    Ik help vrouwen het leuker te hebben met zichzelf en hun relatie(s).

    1. Jezelf
    2. Partner, man, ex, toekomstige relatie
    3. Familie (ouders, kinderen)
    4. Collega’s / werkgevers
    5. Relatie tot je financiën

    WAAROM? Omdat als je gelukkiger bent en meer zelfvertrouwen hebt, dan wordt echt ALLES beter in je leven. PUNT.

    WIl je meer weten over mijn ‘Courageous Confidence Course’ zo jij het ook leuker zal hebben met jezelf ↠ link in mijn bio


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    #bettermarriage #happywifehappylife
    #courageousconfidence #selfempowerment

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    Literally, no one will be watching because tomorrow night some of you will be dancing in the dark. Super brave for you to just trust and commit to showing up!!
    Thank you ❤️

    I am so looking forward to this event. Magic Flow Meditation aka 'trance dance'. Just google Trance, it's probably not what you think. Plus, you've never done it with me!

    If you are wondering what this has to do with my coaching business, well everything! It's simple a tool for getting clarity, releasing blocks mental, emotional, physical without it being a trauma fest 😘

    Tomorrow is full now but if you want to join next time dm to be get a personal invite.
    5 augustus
    27 augustus


    #zoetermeer #trancedance #magicflowdance #movingmeditation #eigenwij #coachingtools

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    Tomorrow night Magic Flow Yoga! Cant wait!! ...

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    You don't have to dump your entire family and friends (please don't) BUT, if you want to have more success in your life you may need to do some cleaning up.

    Fact: If you are the one who is constantly supporting, encouraging, advising and listening to all your friends problems, you are probably putting off doing what you need to do for YOU, your happiness, your future.

    Quick Fix: Start going to bed with people who FEED your Soul! Say what? 😂🫢 Really!
    Read their books, listen to their podcasts or get out and hire a mentor who has what you want.

    Proximity is Power!

    If you need someone to help or point you in the right direction, give me a call. If I can't help, I'll certainly know someone who will.

    Are you ready to change your life?

    Xx Carol

    #confidencecoach #bestlife #proximityispower
    #procrastination #soulfood

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    Social Media...who else has a love/hate relationship with it? Do you post to grow a business, entertainment or both?

    For me, it's nothing more than an interactive business card and where I personally find a lot of inspiration and get to connect with some really amazing people all over the world.

    Posting or making reels has to by fun for me and not something I have to do to grow my business. Life is too short to be stressing out about social media shit you think you have to do.

    So, share...why do you post and what are you doing here? 😂❤️

    Lots of love,

    #ondernemer #socialmedia #fun #takeabreak #connect

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    Wishing you happy, wishing you love. Happy Monday from The Netherlands ❤️#happymonday #mondayquotes #thenetherlands #expatcoachforwomen ...

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    Feeling stuck then join me for the Magic Flow Meditation (aka trancedance) next month In Zoetermeer. This is an amazing tool for anyone who wants to go next level!

    Send me a dm to guarantee your spot. Places are limited.
    Scan my grid for the post with more info!

    Let's make something amazing happen!

    #trancedanceritual #trancedans #zoetermeer #eigenwij #healing #inspiring #amazing #magic #magicalmeditation

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    Warning! Waarschuwing!!
    Mogelijke bijwerkingen:

    Diep innerlijk ‘bliss', meer joy, rust en/of verbinding met jezelf en je omgeving. (zonder drugs of alcohol)

Magic Flow Meditation
aka Trancedans

    Embark on a magical inner journey of discovery, transformation and healing through movement and music.

    Deze dans doe je in het donker, samen en toch alleen.

    Tijd om naar binnen te gaan om je lichaam en ziel te laten spreken.

Time to get out of the way of the natural healing processes inside of you!

    Tijd om jezelf te helen van fysiek en emotionele shizzel.
Loopt je vast in een creatieve process?

Zit je met opgekropte emoties, onzekerheid of frustratie?

    Ben je bewust van bepaalde patronen wat niet meer helpend zijn?

    Durf jij? Wees dan snel want de plekken zijn beperkt! Stuur een dm om je plek te reserveren. Delen wordt op prijs gesteld!


    Inloop 1915
    Start 1930
    End 2130/2200

    Locatie: Eigen Wij
Voorweg 112

    Neem je eigen blinddoek mee of goede oog masker.
    Blote voetendans maar neem een warme trui, eigen dekentje, en sokken mee voor de cooling down.

#letgo #trancedans #magicflow #magicflowmeditation #freeyourself #healingjourney #danstherapie #bewegendemeditation #nodrugs

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